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Retribution - an inside look

Title: Retribution

Author: Philip R Morehouse

ISBN: ISBN-10 ‏0692529217 / ISBN-13 978-0692529218

Page count: 220

Genre: Fiction; Survival/Adventure

Book Price: $14.98

Kindle Price: $4.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited membership

Author Bio:

Philip R. Morehouse was born in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York where he started his life's training and adventures on a family-owned farm. Throughout his youth, he was mentored by his grandfather who taught him to fish, trap and hunt. These skills were crucial to the family's survival.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Navy in 1961, where he also received special survival training. His ship was later involved in the Cuban Blockade Missile Crisis, and later the rescue of Americans from Haiti, during the Dominion/Haiti Crisis. With his hitch extended due to the Viet Nam War, he continued to serve until 1966. After returning home, he married, and joined the Army National Guard, serving in various aerial and ground support photography assignments.

Among many other jobs, he has worked as a professional writer and photographer for over 50 years. Now with his family grown and on their own, he pursues what he loves most - writing true-to-life, survival, adventure-type stories.

Tell us about your book:

This novel is the sequel to “The Recluse” written due to an overwhelming request by my readers. It is also a stand-alone novel with its own independent story involving moments of life and death situations dependent on survival techniques of the highest order.

How does this book relate to your real-life experiences?

Many of the survival techniques came from the training I received before, during, and after being in the service. As an avid outdoorsman, I learned to love nature and became one with it. One of many of these moments occurs on pages 28 and 38 as follows. “She’d also set a trap line from their home, going part way around the lake. Every day, rain or shine, she ran the line. Trapping brought in extra income and food.” Also on page 38: “As much as he wanted to hurry toward the larger trees to see if he was right, he’d learned long ago that haste often led to missing clues, destruction of evidence or death when tracking predator game. In the forests or mountains, predators were in their element and had the advantage; they knew every sound, every tree, rock, and bush – and you had best beware.”

How long did it take to write the book?

This book took 22 months to write and publish. I started the book on 01/05/2014 and it was published on 10/08/2015.

What inspired you to write the book?

Other than the overwhelming requests by my readers who had already read “The Recluse”, I wrote the sequel because the story seemed to be open to following Sam and Torrie in their adventuresome life in the Yukon and the Northwestern Territory. As always, I never know ahead of time how a story will end or how the plot will manifest itself. It just naturally occurs and I am as much a captive of the plot as are my characters and readers, and just as surprised with the ending.

Let’s talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

My writing routine was whenever I had the time to set down in a quiet place where I could let my imagination loose. My research as always was aided by my early life experiences, library books, and drawing on the survival knowledge gained during my life and yes, a lot of research.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

Perhaps given any situation, no matter how seemingly hopeless, one must never give up – there is always a way to succeed if you try hard enough. Also, I would hope that my readers are entertained by the story and that they take away from the experience the lessons taught about survival should they ever find themselves caught in a similar situation.

Where can we go to buy your book?

My book is available online through as a softcover or a Kindle download. It can also be ordered through one of their local books stores using ISBN-13: 978-0692529218 and ISBN-10: 0692529217.

Excerpt from the novel:

People are being reported as missing, and now it was a whole hunting group, and it's Sam’s job, as a Special Agent of the RNCP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), to find them.

Excerpt taken from page: 10

As he advanced, he could see partly into the tent – the cots were lying haphazardly over one another as if some giant hand had upended them – the occupants no doubt had been surprised; the rifles were still standing neatly in the corner. One of the sleeping bags, torn and soaked with blood, was lying on the ground just inside the door. Dark reddish-brown stains were scattered over the ground where large amounts of blood were lost. Other than the one sleeping bag, the rest were missing. Judging from the color of the blood and dryness of the bits of flesh and some of the particulates, he deduced that it had to have happened the night before the pilot arrived the first time. So given the timeline, they had been brutally attacked and killed approximately three days before – apparently after having gone to sleep.

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