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Want to Publish a book?

Want to publish a book, but you are not sure how?  Let us edit, design your book cover, publish, market, and manage your book through KDP.  We can take you through the editing processes, formatting, and book cover design.  Once you get the book published, you can decide if you want to manage and market your book, or if you want us to do it for you.  First you have to write your book!!

Developmental Editing

This part of the edit will assess your content and story structure.

this part of the edit is really making sure that your story are coming through. to the audience.  It will focus on the big parts of your story - the literary elements, characters, plot, setting, theme, inconsistent details, etc. this process will fully develop your story, so being open and flexible is crucial.

Content Editing

This is the tone and voice of your book.

This is the organization, and presentation of the manuscript.  this edit goes more into the details and digs deeper than the developmental edit.

Copy Editing

This is the fixing of mechanical errors, spelling,  and grammer.  this editing is usually done line by line.  


This is the last step before publishing.  Making sure that all the errors were corrected before you publish.

Book Cover Design

The book cover is an important part of getting your manuscript read.  This is going to tell the readers what they are going to read before they start.

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